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Professional Design Consultation & Services

A good interior designer will not only listen to and understand a client's needs, but will also go beyond finding the basic solutions and provide more than what will cover the basic requirements of the brief.  Such search for a deeper level of understanding for what will work for the client in a longer projected period of time may save many hassels and cost for the future.  The scope of knowledge encompassing an intelligent outcome consists no less of the regulatory, techical, aesthestics, functional, psychological and ergonomical aespects of spatial use and construction, along with the specific factors as tailor made to the client's requirments.

An informed design approach and profession documentation expertise form the solid base of a successful interior design scheme ready for construction.

Project Management & Construction

Project management brings design from concept and paper to life.  Skiful managment allows site works execution to be carried out in a timely and orderly manner which will be professional, effective and smooth.  Professional and experienced project management allows the correct utilization of the technical package of the design and achieve preicsely what the designer and client ask for.  

A good contracting team is necessary to execute the designed works at a level of professional competence.  We only work with the best so both our clients and we are happy about the result which can materialize our design concept professionally.

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