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C o m m e r c i a l    i n t e r i o r s

Workspace Solutions
Our designers are well experienced to help you in making the best use of your office works space.  The potential of the premises, whether it be your corporate headquarters, regional office or startup office, can be maximized by utilizing tested and highly customized solutions matching your needs, enhancing the operation and performance of your team.  With us your workspace will be energized by a well defined scheme that not only projects your company's image in a professional way but also help creates a culture that is specific to your corporate identity.  
Hospitality, Retail, F&B
Our experienced team will provide you with design strategies which will create the best experience for your clients and customers.  The significance to identify what constitutes the current trend of design cannot be understated but also equally important is a distinctivness that translates into a competitive edge.  
Long term operational success also hinges on good understanding of the functional requirements while going beyond the basics in order to create value which forms the basis of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Call (2123-1400) or write to us ( to find out more and for a preliminary consultation session. 

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